A well-designed website helps you get more visitors and convert them into customers. With the right website development strategies, your website can take your business to the next level.

Business 2 Community contributor DeJuan Wright has published an article highlighting three digital marketing tactics to increase your website’s conversion rate.

He says, “These 3 digital marketing tactics to increase your website’s conversion rates are focused on helping you entice the people that visit your website to make a purchase once they arrive. But enough of the introduction. Let’s get to the tactics that are going to help put you in the category of executives that smile whenever they think of sales and have dreams about sales instead of nightmares.

Put your main feature first

As a consumer, don’t you just get frustrated whenever you log on to a website to order a company’s main feature and instead, end up on one of the pages of the sites’ other featured products that you’re probably not interested in purchasing?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware of the milk philosophy of marketing. For those unfamiliar with the milk philosophy – have you ever asked yourself, “Why is that the milk is always located in the back of every grocery store?”

Well, the milk philosophy to marketing is centered around the concept that by placing milk in the coolers in the back of the store, customers are more likely to see and be enticed by other items on their way to grabbing the milk.”

3 Digital Marketing Tactics That Will Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

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