Quality video content enables you to make your sales efforts more rewarding. By adding the element of persuasion in your videos, you can have more influence on your audience.

Social Media Examiner contributor Matt Johnston has shared four steps to help you make highly watchable video content.

He says, “To learn how to induce people to watch and share your video with their friends and followers on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, read the article below.

#1: Hook Viewers in the First 3-5 Seconds of Your Video

The first step to making a highly watchable and shareable video is the hook. In the first 3-5 seconds of your video, you need to grab people’s attention as they’re scrolling through the news feed. You can do this either by placing your best footage at the beginning or using a strong headline.

This is a case where you don’t want to save your best for last. When you’re making videos for social media, you need to frontload your best stuff. The first few seconds are when all of the magic happens”.

Making Highly Watchable Videos: A 4-Step System to More Eyeballs

Social Media Examiner

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