Infographic marketing helps you to establish your business authority. You can publish for SEO appeal and promoting your products and services across the web.

Content Marketing Institute‘s Nadya Khoja has shared seven useful tips to create infographics that appeal your audience.

Khoja says, “In this guide, I break down the ideation process so that coming up with more memorable infographic ideas doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact, these seven principles are relevant not only to infographics but to any content you create.

1. Solve a burning problem

When it comes to producing high-value content that is shareable and link-worthy, create an infographic that solves a burning problem.

This approach requires you to first think about the problem you’re trying to solve or the questions you’re trying to answer with your infographic story. This usually requires you to put yourself in your readers’ shoes”.

7 Ideas to Spark Great Infographics

Content Marketing Institute

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