Search Engine Journal’s Danny Goodwin has published a new podcast episode ‘Affiliate Marketing Trends, Crazy PR Stunts & Dropping F-Bombs’ featuring Adam Riemer.

Goodwin says, “He and his team can come up with those really crazy PR stunts that don’t cost much money but generate a positive media response.

“We like to come up with really cool ideas and keyword expansions and unique things you probably haven’t thought of. Some of them can be a bit outlandish…”

But more than the eccentricity surrounding his marketing ideas, Adam is one of the smartest and most helpful people I know – and we’re lucky to have him in the community.

In today’s edition of The Search Engine Journal Show, get to know long-time online marketing veteran Adam Riemer better”.

Affiliate Marketing Trends, Crazy PR Stunts & Dropping F-Bombs with Adam Riemer

Search Engine Journal

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