Most (not all) videos on YouTube use a Creative Commons license. That allows you to use them in your own marketing, usually provided that you give credit to the original author.

That means that if you find a great video for your niche, you can embed it on your own website or blog, which gives your users helpful content without your having to write (or record) the content.

Going beyond the simple embedding process, you might want to do something more creative. Suppose you only place the content of the video, not the video itself, on your site, in the form of a transcript of what the speaker says, complete with correct spelling and punctuation, and suppose you can do it in about a minute.

Along with the transcript (obtained via the Creative Commons license) you can add your own comments if you choose.

That’s the point of Neil Napier‘s just-announced software tool, Content Gorilla.

WIth this new software, you can convert any YouTube video into a fully formatted WordPress blog post. (To stay out of trouble, stick with those having the Creative Commons license.)

Content Gorilla can do this automatically, and to give your post some style, it will also select an image related to the video to insert in the video. This makes the post more appealing. You can also drag/drop more images into the content if you choose.

You don’t have to live with what the tool creates. You have a lot of flexibility. For example, you may want to be sure that your content doesn’t exactly match what other users are creating with Content Gorilla, so Napier has built in to this tool a 1-click spinner to modify it while keeping the meaning clear.

You also are getting built-in 1-click grammar correction.

This tool also adds Video tags to your Post to help with search engine rankings.

You can also create multiple, different, spun versions of the so you can publish the same post (with different variations of spin) to multiple blogs at the same time

Here’s a feature that will really save you time: The bulk poster. This lets you schedule schedule up to 10 posts to go live over the course of up to 10 days.

Our Bonuses for Content Gorilla

We have bonuses that may double the value of this software in your business.

WP EZ Launch

This can be a breakthrough WP Plugin for you. It will let you quickly set up a new WordPress blog, in less than 30 seconds.

Over time, even if you don’t sell websites for a living, you will probably build lots of WordPress websites. Having a tool that will automate the launching process would be a big help to save your time.

Keyword Buzz

This keyword research software allows you to discover profitable keywords and analyze the demand and supply of any niche market with just 3 clicks of your mouse.

Niche Video Creator Lite

With this software you can create stunning web videos and do it with Point-and-Click simplicity. Use your videos to pull visitors to your site. It’s never been easier to get a Professional-Looking Video without either a high-priced contractor or a long, steep learning curve so you can do it yourself.

Snap Buzz

This Automatic Screen Capture Tool can:
* Add multiple URLs into the ‘snap’ section to snap multiple sites in an instant.
* Customize the browser width, height as well as dimensions of the screen capture or thumbnail saved so you save on time spent on editing it.
* Select the format you want to export the screen capture as – No need to rely on photo editing software.
* Import and export a list of URLs without having to spend time keying URLs one by one
* Specify where you want your images to be exported to automatically to better manage your image files.
* Automatically create screenshots, thumbnails, icons, etc. through the use of this software.

Ebook Slicer

Easily Turn Any Private Label Ebook into a Set of Text Articles, Ready to be Used as Website Content.

If you are a member of a PLR membership site, chances are you already have downloaded a bunch of PLR ebooks with information that you can use for your blog posts or other purposes.

This software breaks up an ebook into multiple short sections that can serve as articles on your site.

Time is of the essence; Content Gorilla launch is brief

The short launch period is a bit puzzling, but Napier is only offering it for sale (at the launch price, at least) until midnight, June 10.

So don’t delay. Get your copy here, today: Content Gorilla. A link to our bonuses will be placed on the JVZoo download page.

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