Luke Maguire has been developing his expertise in marketing on Instagram and other social media platforms for over 5 years. In this time, he has released 11 software and training products in this critical marketing arena.

On May 1, he will be releasing his latest and best product, EngagerMate. It is an industry leading tool for finding new potential clients on Instagram and inviting them to follow you.

With this new SaaS software, you can have your Instagram accounts liking posts, following people & engaging with your audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Even when you sleep).

This isn’t just random activity. You can control it by setting up the many criteria (geographic, subject matter area, etc.) to focus the “search and attract” activity.

You can find fresh leads for your business or for the businesses of your clients and you can do it very efficiently, taking little of your time.

On Wednesday, Maguire is holding a free webinar where he will show how he built up a brand new Instagram account to 64,000 engaged followers, who actually pay attention to what he posts.

You can register here (EngagerMate Webinar) for it and attend for free.

Luke will show you how to take a brand new Instagram account and make it into an automated tool that will have you getting real, engaged, interested fans coming not only to your Instagram account, but to your websites.

Here is what he will be covering:

1- How to automate your Instagram engagements (completely within Instagram’s rules)
2- How you can have your Instagram account interacting with your fans 24/7 (literally)
3- How to automatically send your fans a message in their inbox with any content you want as soon as they follow you
4- How to add multiple links to the 1 clickable link Instagram allows you.
5- How to bring the followers of your competitors to your fan page.
6- How to convert your existing fans into customers. After all, fans don’t mean anything unless they buy.
7- How to use hashtags and locations to engage with fans.
8- How to track where your new fans come from (this resulted in a 300% increase in engagement when Maguire found out how to do this).

As we say, this webinar is at no charge. If you are not already familiar with marketing on Instagram, this will be a good introduction. If you are already marketing on Instagram, you will discover how easily this new software can bring you new clients and how much time it can save you.

Sign up for your free ticket to the webinar here: EngagerMate Webinar.

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