If you are an affiliate marketer, are you having one of these problems (most affiliates are):
• Are you struggling to even get started?
• Do your affiliate requests never get approved?
• Do you waste your traffic because you’re only building the seller’s list – not your own?
• Do the products you promote simply not convert to sales?
• Do you have trouble with the technology, such as autoresponders?
• Is putting together a profitable sales funnel just too complicated or takes too long?
• Can’t compete with the top marketers?
• Can’t find great free products and bonuses to give away?

Matt Garrett has just released software that will let you overcome all these problems. He calls it Easy Pro Funnels. For example, using it, you can set up a complete affiliate campaign in under 2 minutes and it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to do it.
Here’s a quick summary of what you get with Easy Pro Funnels:
► Automatic affiliate approval
► Integration with the GetResponse Autoresponder and with SendGrid
► Super Smart (and Cloaked) affiliate Links
► Automated affiliate funnels
► Lead Magnets to capture subscribers
► Discount Vouchers to Encourage Purchase
► Exit pops that build your own list
► A List of buyers built automatically
► Free custom bonuses to give away to buyers
► Hundreds of free giveaway products to use to build your list
► Fully automated traffic tracking
► Simply Create Review Style Pages
► Built-in subscriber and sales data analysis
► Easily Generate Webinar Style Pages

With Easy Pro Funnels, all your needs as an affiliate are addressed in one place.

And, it doesn’t take a genius to use it. You can be up and running in a few minutes after downloading it.

Take a look at all the details by clicking here: Easy Pro Funnels.

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