Google Display Network allows businesses to reach out more prospects with their display ads on a wide network of sites on the Internet. You should be aware of the tricks that can help you enhance your advertising ROI.

Marketing Land columnist Ratko Vidakovic has published an article highlighting the problems that you may face while using GDN and has also share some ways to help you optimize your display advertising.

Talking about the ads that lack UTM tracking parameters, Vidakovic says, “While reviewing the destination URLs for the ads used across these campaigns, I found that many of the ads did not use UTM tracking in the URLs. This was a missed opportunity to get richer analytics, which would have allowed for better optimization and fraud detection, especially as it related to bogus conversions.

In the case of these campaigns, if UTM tracking parameters were used across the board and passed the placement domain through to the destination URL, it would have been possible to see the sites responsible for each bogus conversion”.

Google Display Network: An optimization and fraud-avoidance guide

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