To drive better social media revenue you need to improve your social engagement first. With regular posting and by sharing useful content you can do that.

Entrepreneur contributor AJ Agrawal has shared five tactics that can help you improve social media engagement.

Agrawal says, “What’s the best way to growth hack social engagement?

There’s no right or wrong answer, but there are definitely strategies that have proven more successful than others. Here are several to consider:

1. Get to the point.

Don’t beat around the bush with your audience members. Instead, tell them exactly what you want them to do. In a article in Inc., a social media influencer explained how he was able to increase engagement by (he says) 2,500 percent by doing nothing more than telling his audience what he wanted them to do.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take any special software to make major progress. All it takes is a change of direction in regard to how you communicate with your audience”.

5 Strategies To Growth-Hack Social Engagement

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