Online reviews play a vital role in the online marketing and promotions. Many research works suggest that most online customers trust online reviews.

Entrepreneur writer Dan Scalco has published an article sharing six ways to use online reviews in marketing.

Scalco says, “While reviews are (almost always) inherently helpful for improving sales, the way you approach them can influence their conversion-boosting potential. Here’s how to make online reviews really work for your business.

1. Emphasize quality.

To be truly effective, reviews should go above and beyond star ratings. Customers want rich content that describes the product, its usage, its upsides and drawbacks, how it compares to other brands, and so on. So when you’re asking for reviews, provide customers with an opportunity to do more than select a given number of stars.

Of course it’s ideal if the major portion of this content is positive, but a few negative impressions are okay too. We’ll touch on why below.

2. Emphasize quantity.

Studies consistently find that when it comes to customer reviews, the more the better”.

6 Ways to Make Online Reviews Work for Your Business

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