Cognitive Search depends on Product Data, Customer Data and Curated Content. It  leverages data from user behaviors and preferences contextualized with understanding of use cases, user tasks, solutions and processes.

Forrester’s Mike Gualtieri compares cognitive search with AI version of he enterprise search. He has shared three things that make cognitive search different.

Focusing on how cognitive search enables developers to build search applications, Gualtieri says, “Search is not just about a text box on an enterprise portal. Enterprise build search applications that embed search in customer 360 applications, pharma research tools, and many other business process applications. Virtual digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Now, and Siri would be useless without powerful search behind the scenes. Enterprises wishing to build similar applications for their customers will also benefit from cognitive search solutions. Cognitive search solutions provide SDKs, APIs, and/or visual design tools that allow developers to embed the power of the search engine in other applications”.

Cognitive Search Is The AI Version Of Enterprise Search

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