B2B content marketing is growing steadily and so does the investment in it. But still it need to be fueled for further growth.

According to a Forrester Research study, 43% of marketers in North America and 69% of marketers in Europe create four or fewer content  assets from a single cornerstone study.

Based on this Forrester’s Daniel Klein has offered advice on growing the B2B content marketing investments.

Klein says, “Activating your cornerstone content using a range of formats that align with how your prospects want to consume it and how your organization can deliver it greatly extends its value and longevity. For example, let’s say you posted a report for download on your website based on a survey of 200 IT/LOB professionals about their digital transformation adoption priorities, challenges, and desired outcomes. Typically, we see marketers building some of the same data into a landing page, an infographic, and a webinar. But that only adds up to four content assets. The best practice among top marketers we work with is to repurpose cornerstone content into at least 10 or more different formats”.

Maximize Your B2B Content Marketing Investments

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