Bridgette Darling says, “Email remains the most important communication channel for marketers as they look to engage with consumers and drive revenue. Not only is email a preferred channel by consumers, it allows marketers to communicate at a fraction of the cost. However, there are challenges related to email that marketers must face to maximize impact from the channel.

A major challenge for email is that it is not cost prohibitive. While this is a positive, it also means that mistakes don’t seem to have a hard cost, making them easy to ignore. In addition, many marketers still abide by the old mentality that the more email addresses there are in a database, the better. This has led many marketers to be more concerned with growing their email lists than ensuring the quality of the information in them.

These two challenges in combination cause issues impacting sender reputation, leading to email deliverability issues and an inability to communicate with customers”.

The dark side of email deliverability

‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog

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