Andrew Fox and Chris Fox are running a major sale on their automated content app called Gorilla Evolution.

It is a 4 in 1 plugin that posts to Facebook, Blogger, Tumbler and any website you own., all asutomatically.

But at Midnight, it rises to its normal price of $197. And at that same time, the basic version no longer will port to Facebook. so if you want to to post to Facebook you need to buy the upgrade, which is free with purchase today only.

Gorilla Evolution is an all-in-one, point and click platform that pulls high-quality content from many of the most powerful sites in the world:
Yahoo Answers
New York Times
Plus the Article Database maintained by the Fox brothere.

And it only takes one click to do it all.

With Gorilla Evolution, you can simply point and click your way to almost unlimited top-quality content, and it can insert your affiliate links in the articles in just a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, at Midnight the price for the whole package (including the Facebook module) increases by6x.

By the way, Gorilla Evolution is “tried and tested”. You can read over 50 testimonials from satisfied users.

Since Google is now ranking Facebook Fan pages in their search results, you could get ranked higher, faster and easier than ever before when you add quality content to your fan pages.

Get your copy before Midnight here: Gorilla Evolution.

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