This is a 23 page report, available here: Social Weaponizer. In light of the current importance of social media in search engine rankings, it discusses how to use a particular social media site for backlinks to your “money site” or to an affiliate offer.

The heart of the training is the revelation of the site name. It’s a site we had heard of, but had not paid much attention to.

Perhaps, that was a mistake. It does seem to have significant marketing value in many situations.

Besides the site name (which is hardly enough to justify the price), there are several tips included that the author has found to be helpful is getting higher rankings for your posts on this site, as well as on other social media sites. Drilling down to the question of how to best use this site for marketing, case studies compare multiple posts on the same topic to try to deduce why one post ranks higher than the others.

The report concludes with what may be its most valuable section, an offer to do competitive analysis of your top competitor, at no additional cost, to help you out-rank them. In the report you will get the competitor’s:
• External links
• Backlinks newly acquired
• Backlinks newly lost
• The domains newly linking to the competitor
• The domains news removing their links to the competitor
• The IP addresses of domains linking to the competitor
• The pages linking to the competitor
• The anchor text used in the links
• Linked domains

The grammar and sentence structure in the report are sometimes hard to parse, but if you know English well, you can probably figure out what is meant in most cases. If you can’t, write the author for clarification.

The report is priced at $7. With the included competitive research offer, that’s a fair price.

The verdict: IMNW Approved

You can get additional details and get your own copy here: Social Weaponizer

Note: This is intended to be an impartial review of this product. However, buying the product through the link in the review may result in a commission to IMNW.

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