Russ Ruffino built a $250,000 business his first year online that grew to nearly $1 Million his second year. In The Money Tree Method, he shows you how he did it, and he says anyone else can do it, too.

His process was to create products, in 12 hours or less, and then quickly get them on the market. With this quick process, he was able to scale up his business quickly.

He recommends that you spend your time on product creation since it offers you four key benefits:
1. You don’t have to do all the sales work yourself. Affiliates have driven 99% of his traffic. This means that he doesn’t have to constantly place ads on his own; the affiliates do his advertising.
2. Because you own the product, you get the list of buyers all to yourself. In this business, he makes a a good profit from front-end sales…but then he’ll make four or five times as much on the back-end.
3. As a product owner, you have more control over your income. If you’re an affiliate, you earn a commission, but you are at the mercy of the product owner. They can fail to deliver. They can decide to cancel their affiliate program, etc.
4. Your front-end products, if they are good, act as sales tools pre-selling people on your higher-priced programs. You can create a deep sales funnel, something you cannot do as an affiliate.

In The Money Tree Method, Ruffino shows you:
• How to create your own best-selling products in just 12 hour, even if you’re not an expert and don’t know anything about the niche
• The easiest way to get many visitors to your site, without spending a dime on traffic
• How to instantly establish your leadership and credibility with everyone who comes to your site, so they like you, trust you and feel they know you
• Ruffino’s special conversion secrets that achieve surprising conversion rates
• The conversion process Ruffino uses to turn $7 buyers into $5,000 clients

As one buyer reports, “The main course is eight modules covering close to three and half hours. In this he takes you through a complete Blue print from beginning to end. Nothing is left out and everything is thoroughly explained throughout.”

If this whets your appetite, get the whole story here: The Money Tree Method

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