Alan R. Bechtold has released the latest issue of E-Wealth Report. This featured article is titled “Someone Else Is Finally Talking About It”. [E-Wealth Report]

Alan Bechtold has released the latest issue of ‘E-Wealth Report’ Newsletter.

Someone Else Is Finally Talking About It

by Alan Bechtold

I just broke down a while back and joined Twitter. Are you on Twitter yet? It’s truly the first social networking site I’ve fallen in love with. Signing up is free at

Once you get signed up, you can elect to follow me (search for @bbspress) and get tips, jokes, comments and observations (within Twitter’s 140-character limit – one thing I REALLY like) from me in your Twitter box every day.

I brought up Twitter, however, because I just saw a “tweet” (that’s what Twitter users call a message – cool, huh?) from Michael Fortin on Twitter. It was about a special report just released, written by Michael’s wife, Sylvie, that promises to blow the socks off the Internet marketing world. I’m not certain it’ll have any effect at all, but I’m certainly hoping it will – and my hat’s off to Sylvie for creating it.

The report is called Internet Marketing Sins and it details all the tricks and downright illegal or immoral tactics being taken by SOME Internet marketers these days.

Sylvie speaks with experience. Her company, Workaholics 4 Hire, has supported many of the biggest names in Internet marketing for many years. She’s seen it all and participated in more of it than she ever wanted to.

And now she’s fed up with it and wants to see it stop.

This is not just some mindless rant. There is serious DAMAGE being done to an entire industry and it’s now affecting all of us who are trying to make a living there. Any time someone is deceived or tricked by any marketer, it affects ALL marketers, because the natural skepticism we all have doubles.

Then it doubles again. And again.

I’ve always enjoyed Michael’s point of view on the subjects of integrity and ethics. He’s truly one of the good guys and he’s always dead-on. Now I see Sylvie shares that same fire, the determination to make things right in the world any way possible.

And her report blew me away!

I want them both to know they are NOT alone. I’ve pulled more than my own fair share of these shennanigans in the past. In the days when I NEEDED the money and had to just go along. More on that in another post here. Today, I’m admitting I’ve committed many of the sins Sylvie outlines in her brave, informative report. But, now I’m committed to never committing them again.

I’m also committed to wising up the rest of the world, so the kind of underhanded tactics she’s outlined in her report lose their impact.

After all – if these kinds of tactics quit working, they WILL go away. And the only way I can see that happening is if the general population is educated as to just what is being done TO them.

Sylvie’s new report takes a giant step in that direction and I’m so pleased to see it. You should get it. I don’t make a dime telling you this. It’s simply too important for you to miss.

Find out more about this important, scathing report HERE, directly from their blog post!

And – if you’re interested in carrying on an expanded conversation about these and other even MORE illegal and immoral tricks and sneaky tactics, in Internet marketing, direct mail and all marketing – check out my own blog on this subject.

Check Out My Blog, Here!

Finally, I always like to wrap up each issue of this newsletter with a gift and today I definitely won’t disappoint you.

If you’ve been reading this a while, you all know I’ve got a new book out called Will Work for Fun: 3 Simple Steps for Turning Any Hobby or Interest Into Cash. It’s available on Amazon (and from and people are telling me it turned out to be a pretty decent read.

You might even know that I also recently spent six months of my life and CONSIDERABLE money putting together a full-length feature movie, The FUNdamental You, that has just recently become available on DVD.

You probably don’t know that you can also watch The FUNdamental You (the entire movie!) online! Even better – you can watch it at absolutely no cost to you, if you just invite three friends to check out the movie, too.

You don’t have to tell three friends. You can also watch the ENTIRE movie for just $4.97. But tell three friends and you get the movie free.

Even better, whether you pay to watch the movie online or tell three friends to watch it free – I’ll also give you a coupon code good for $4.97 off on the price of The FUNdamental You on DVD, mailed directly to your doorstep!

You can also order copies for your friends and family that you care about. Take my word for it – the message in this movie is powerful, and it’s actually fun to watch, so you’ll be proud to share it!. And you can use the same coupon to save an additional $4.97 on each DVD you order for a friend.

Check Out The FUNdamental You Online HERE NOW!

See you next week.

Alan R. Bechtold


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