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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Five Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business

As a result of the evolution of the Internet, Social Media is now at the heart of the most effective online marketing strategies. These highly interactive sites where visitors can create input are hotbeds of influence and communication among their users. Because of the potential for both help and harm to your business, you can no longer afford to ignore the impact of social media. Once you get started with social media, here are five ways it can help you grow your business: First, It can improve your “Reach” Reach refers to the number of peole who hear, see or otherwise are impacted... [...]

Social Link Machine builds powerful social links to your site #ad

Andy Black releases Social Link Machine at 10:00 AM EDT. This new software automates Black’s method of using social media to build links for his website. He describes this new WordPress plugin as, a “push-button and completely automated way to automate your whole backlinking process through creating social signals.” Black has created a Social Link Machine demo video so you can see this software in action. The site that has the best SEO generally rises to the top of Google’s Ranking, and that has a big impact on their profits. So your site can use all the help it can get. Social... [...]

What’s slick and rigorous and finally read all over? #ad

Simon Crabb has been researching what it takes to get information indexed by Google. That’s important because if Google doesn’t index it, the number of readers drops dramatically. As a systematic experiment, he chose a phrase (“slick and rigorous”) that had not been targeted on any site previously, and went to work trying to target it. He tried many techniques to get his webpage indexed, most of which failed. He documents his process and how he succeeded in his Slick and Rigorous Case Study. He found that conventional wisdom is mistaken about what it takes. And he found... [...]

Social Traffic Ranker: SEO software for social backlinks #ad

Andy Black haves been working for the last several months on a new SEO software application, called Social Traffic Ranker. Social Traffic Ranker will find the best web pages that you can obtain backlinks from plus doing some additional traffic wizardry. The result is that these better backlinks will bring you better traffic, and ultimately, better profits. If you want a sure-fire way to:   ■ Rank new sites easily (particularly new sites)   ■ Pull targeted traffic from hot, relevant web pages   ■ Implement a purely white-hat Google-proof strategy then this is a software... [...]