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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Sell your own software written by a ghostwriter #ad

Yesterday, Eric Holmlund and Jeff Alderson launched software that may make PLR software far more practical than in the past. It’s called Instant Software Brander Bundle. They say that it provides “your own software in under 1 minute”. . When you check that page, there is a video near the top of the page in which Holmlund uses a stopwatch to show that you can re-make their software to make it your own, with your unique name in under 1 minute. There’s a lot that you can use this new, “quick makeover” software for (especially since it comes with unrestricted rights). Your... [...]

Instant Software Brander Bundle: sell your own software -sell your own software #ad

Most of us aren’t programmers, myself included. I think back to December, 1972, when I left programming and realize that 48 years later, I am no longer a programmer. But selling software can be a good business. People need it to run their businesses. There are ways non-programmers can do this. You can think up needed software, write specifications for how it should work, and hire a programmer to create it for you (and spend a lot of money to do it) and see if it will be a hit. That’s one way, but it’s risky and expensive. There’s a better way. Find working battle-tested... [...]

Fast Traffic Bot brings in free traffic & subscribers #ad

Automation is a key ingredient for a growing business. For the next 3 days, you have an opportunity to automate the process of building traffic to your website. After all, your most precious resource is your time. Automating work tyou would otherwise need to spend time on is the key to increasing your effectiveness. And since better traffic is the key to increasing your sales, that’s a good place to starting your automation. Jeff Alderson and Eric Holmlund have developed Fast Traffic Bot to assist in increasing the traffic to your site. Fast Traffic Bot uses the power of safelists to build... [...]

Jeff Alderson Launches ‘Free Traffic Mogul’ Software

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Jeff Alderson have launched ‘Free Traffic Mogul’ software. According to Alderson, ‘Free Traffic Mogul’ is a 3-in-1 software package that can automate the online marketing tasks such as keyword research, squeeze page generation and back link building.[‘Free Traffic Mogul’ Software] […]  [...]

Eric Holmlund & Jeff Alderson Launch ‘Final Firesale’ Offer

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Eric Holmlund & Jeff Alderson have announced the ‘Final Firesale’ offer. During this offer, Eric and Jeff are offering a ready business. [Final Firesale] […]  [...]

‘Free Video Tutorials’ by Jeff Alderson

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Jeff Alderson’s latest blog post is titled “Content Marketing Tips For Newbies”. [Jeff Alderson’s Blog] […]  [...]

Jeff Alderson & Charles Kirkland Launch ‘Backlinks Ninja’ Membership Site

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Jeff Alderson & Charles Kirkland have launched ‘Backlinks Ninja’ membership site. According to Jeff & Charles, ‘Backlinks Ninja’ members will get link building service that helps to get search engine rankings and traffic. [‘Backlinks Ninja’ Membership Site] […]  [...]

Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson Release ‘Instant Video Uploader’ Software

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Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson have released ‘Instant Video Uploader’ software. According to Rod and Jeff, ‘Instant Video Uploader’ is a downloadable desktop software that can be used to upload videos to 37+ leading video submission sites. [‘Instant Video Uploader’ Software] […]  [...]

Jeff Alderson & Nathan Anderson Release ‘Niche ATMs’ Free Video

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Jeff Alderson & Nathan Anderson have released a free video entitled ‘Niche ATMs’. According to Jeff & Nathan, this free video shows how to get google rankings for niche websites. [‘Niche ATMs’ Free Video] […]  [...]

Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson Release ‘Instant Blog Submitter’

Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson have released ‘Instant Blog Submitter’ software. According to Rod & Jeff, ‘Instant Blog Submitter’ software helps to create content automatically from RSS feeds for any number of blogs. [‘Instant Blog Submitter’] […]  [...]