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Friday, September 24, 2021

“WP Dollar” is back; Amazon affiliate sites on autopilot #ad

Martin Crumlish just released WP Dollar 3.0. The first two versions were run-away best sellers among marketers operating Amazon affiliate sites. WP Dollar 3.0 is a plugin that you can use with any WordPress theme to build and manage your affiliate stores. It creates full stores on autopilot. Version 3 is a big advancement from the earlier version, and it comes with a developer’s license included, so you can build as affiliate stores in as many niches as you like. You can even go into business building sites for other marketers. For example, for the first time, in version 3, you can build mobile... [...]

Start Your Own Online Sports Store with Reebok, Adidas, Nike and more #ad

People get excited when it comes to sports, whether they are participants or fans of one particular team. (“Fans” is short for “fanatics”, as the proverb says.) It could be quite a business having your own sports store that takes advantage of the marketing muscle of the biggest names in the sports industry, such as Reebok, Adidas, Nike, etc. After all, the sports industry is one of the world’s largest income generator and one of the fastest-growing. It’s fueled by growing (and already enormous) consumer interest. Consider these facts: • Every day big... [...]

Covert Store Builder: Discount for just 3 days #ad

At 10am EST, the IM Wealth Builders team (Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye) are holding a major “roll back the clock” sale with a major discount for Covert Store Builder. They call it “The World’s First Intelligent, Self-Optimizing Affiliate Store”. It’s a self-optimizing theme that automatically updates in real time and always shows the most popular products first. Over the past year the IM Wealth Builders have released 9 powerful WordPress plugins and themes. This one is no exception. Consider these facts: 1. Amazon has 183 million products,... [...]

FluidZone – High Impact Amazon Theme for Professional Online Store #ad

The FluidZone theme is specifically designed to increase your amazon commissions, is responsive to portable devices (such as iPad and Android) and has a random pop up that gives it that “something extra” that will set your site apart from the crowd. FluidZone has a clean & simple layout and a fast loading times (vital for avoiding Google penalties) and the built-in high impact random product pop up. It’s a definite advantage for your Amazon store to have a theme that is: • SEO Friendly • Fast Loading • Gives an elegant, unique design to your store • High... [...]