People get excited when it comes to sports, whether they are participants or fans of one particular team. (“Fans” is short for “fanatics”, as the proverb says.)

It could be quite a business having your own sports store that takes advantage of the marketing muscle of the biggest names in the sports industry, such as Reebok, Adidas, Nike, etc.

After all, the sports industry is one of the world’s largest income generator and one of the fastest-growing. It’s fueled by growing (and already enormous) consumer interest.

Consider these facts:
• Every day big name athletes appear in the headlines after being paid a couple million to play for a major team.
• The Super Bowl is the most watched annual event in the world.
• Big companies pay large endorsement fees to athletes to recommending their products, from cereal to automobiles to mobile phones, because sports people are respected, because of people’s love for sports.

The sports niches is filled with consumers with a deep sense of passion for sports. This makes it a profitable niche for marketers to target. Because sports products will always have passionate players, duffers and fans.

And, it’s an evergreen niche. Any Amazon affiliate looking for a niche to target can’t go wrong with sports.

Now, “Coolice” the creator of niche packages for many profitable niches now has turned his attention to sports with his new ;SportsClone website to get you into the sports business today.

It’s a fully developed online sports store selling Amazon products as an affiliate.

Your SportsClone store is filled with over 1000 top-selling, profitable, Amazon products And the products you are selling are continually refreshed as new sports products come onto the market.

This is a complete solution for your sports store. Each product you advertise comes with:
• Product images
• A feature list
• A detailed description
• Any special offers that are available
• Customer reviews from people who bought from Amazon

With a SportsClone store, you can sell the latest and most popular sports products for men, women and children of all ages in hundreds of categories and brands. And all the detail information makes it easy to sell to your site’s visitors.

The nice thing about the sports niche is that it is big enough to provide profit opportunities to anyone. It’s not likely to be saturated in 100 years.

Because your store a WordPress site, you can set it up in five minutes and start making sales right away.

If Coolice is true to form, he will keep SportsClone at $37 for 7-10 days, and then raise the price to $67, almost double.

Today is day 2 of his count-down. Don’t risk paying $67, go here now so you can get your copy for just $37: SportsClone.

By the way, if you choose to ignore the sports niche, you’ll miss out on your share of millions of sales, each for a sizeable commission, that are constantly taking place on Amazon. You can have a share of the profit if you take action now: SportsClone.

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