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Monday, September 25, 2023

Covert Viral Wizard: WordPress theme to clone Tumblr #ad

Soren Jordansen, John Merrick and Cindy Battye have just announced their latest product, Covert Viral Wizard. You may know them from their many best-selling products of the past year or so, 10 in all, and all named “Covert XXX”. Covert Viral Wizard looks like it is going to be well-received, too. In less than 12 hours, over 250 copies have been sold. They have a track record of quality; otherwise, they wouldn’t continue to sell thousands of copies (on average, 6000+ copies for each) of each new product. Their new product is a WordPress theme that makes your blog look, feel and... [...]

For Offline Consultants: Food service WP theme and marketing kit #ad

Luther Landro is well-known for his professional themes for offline businesses, filled with materials for marketing consultants to use to quickly build a website for their local clients. Now, he has tackled the food service (restaurant and fast food) industry, and has created a WordPress Food Service Theme and Marketing Kit tailored for their specific needs. Now you can offer restaurants a beautiful website with Menus, a Reservation Engine, Detection of visitors using mobile devices, QR Tags, Social Media, Google Maps, and even SEO. After all, mobile surfing is growing daily. Restaurants need to... [...]

“Beyond Theme” for offline lead generation #ad

If your clients need a site for their business or to collect leads for their business, Sean Lowery has just released a theme specifically designed for these needs: Beyond Theme. If you deal with offline clients, this WordPress theme can be used in your business, foe: • Sites you lease to local businesses • Sites you build and sell to local businesses • Sites that generate leads for you to sell to local businesses Besides Beyond Theme‘s beauty, it also has: ■ Fully responsive code, adjusting to the visitors who use mobile devices ■ 7 widgetized areas so you can add widgets... [...]

The Mobile App Theme: For mobile app developers to show their products #ad

Adrian Niculescu just released The Mobile App Theme. It is specialized for use by developers of mobile apps. It is intended to advertise a new app in a professional-looking website, so that people see the value of the app when they visit the site. Custom content such as “Reasons to buy” or “Testimonials” can be enabled and customized with just a few clicks. Background color for the site can be changed easily. In addition, The Mobile App Theme offers: • Custom images for mobile devices • Rotating testimonials area • Dynamic content area in homepage • Multiple content... [...]

New discount on a best-selling WP social theme #ad

Covert Social Press sells for $47 here:, after rising to that price over time, but this week only, you can get it for just $17 in an interesting “proof of concept” sale. The back-story is that Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason are about to announce new “deal site” software. They apparently wanted to put it on display to whet the appetites of marketers to build excitement for their announcement next month, so they set up a special arrangement with the IM Wealth Builders team (that created and still owns Covert Social Press). For only two days,... [...]

WP Local Dominator Theme:Makes you look like an offline marketing expert #ad

If you want to make highly functional, attractive websites for your local clients, Maulana Malik’s new WordPress theme, WP Local Dominator Theme, can give you a head start. Does you local client want to list their products? This theme can do it (and includes advanced search capabilities). Do they want to integrate their Facebook page with their site? This theme can do it. Do they want to capture leads? That is built in. Do they need to translate to Spanish, Russian, French or other language? It is ready for translation. Do they want it mobile-ready or mobile-responsive? That’s included,... [...]

IntelliTheme: One of the most flexible WP themes for marketers ever #ad

Mark Thompson his partnered with Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti to announce IntelliTheme, a new WordPress theme ideally suited to niche marketing. Cooke and Magnotti built the first version of this theme 3 years ago. In the last three years, they have built over 3000 successful websites using this theme. At the same time, they have observed the success of their sites and have improved the theme as they saw opportunities. As a result they are offering you a theme that has been battle-tested and has been proven to win. This theme is strategically designed to promote click-throughs on your links (affiliate... [...]

FluidZone – High Impact Amazon Theme for Professional Online Store #ad

The FluidZone theme is specifically designed to increase your amazon commissions, is responsive to portable devices (such as iPad and Android) and has a random pop up that gives it that “something extra” that will set your site apart from the crowd. FluidZone has a clean & simple layout and a fast loading times (vital for avoiding Google penalties) and the built-in high impact random product pop up. It’s a definite advantage for your Amazon store to have a theme that is: • SEO Friendly • Fast Loading • Gives an elegant, unique design to your store • High... [...]

Blog Booster Blowout- WP Tools, Training and Resources on Sale #ad

Simon Hodgkinson, well-known British online marketer and trainer, has just released a “firesale” type package of WordPress information for marketers that he calls Blog Booster Blowout Included in this sale is a trove of WP goodies, including: 6 themes, 4 plugins, e-books and videos. You’ll find solutions to many of your WordPress issues in this overflowing package. for example, you get: • Post Socializer– a brand new plugin that updates over 10 social networks whenever you post on your blog • Blog Traffic Avalanche– e-book on tactics to increase your blog... [...]

“SqueezePress WordPress Theme” Create Perfect Video Lead Capture Pages #ad

Noah Whitmore has released SqueezePress WordPress Theme, a tool to quickly create professional Landing Pages (a.k.a. Squeeze pages) in minutes. This new tool bypasses thew need for a programmer. It generates all the needed code automatically. There’s no learning curve. You can create your first page in minutes after you install it. With SqueezePress WordPress Theme, you can create a wide variety of squeeze pages (Whitmore shows five examples on his sales page) and an unlimited number of pages. Works with all autoresponders. Your license lets you use it on as many of your sites... [...]