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Friday, June 21, 2024

MintsApp 2.0 Bonuses from IM NewsWatch

BONUS 1: Mints + Bing Traffic Flow

MintsApp Bonus 1

We’ve discovered a neat trick that allows us to drive tens of thousands of purely targeted and readt-to-buy visitors for literally pennies on the dollars from Bing ads straight to our mints app campaigns, these traffic hack is so cheap that ith $25… you could get up to 5,000 targeted visitors and it converts really well too making our customer-driven funnels super profitable. We’ve been testing out this traffic source with Shopify & Amazon offers and the results are off the chains.

BONUS 2: Mints Campaign Tester

MintsApp Bonus 2

Mints App is a really cool platform for building high converting polls and running very profitable customer-driven funnels but right now, there’s absolutely no way to know which of your campaigns is performing better or will perform better other the analytics, basically what I’m saying is that the system has no split testing abilities which very much need. With this brand new software, you’ll be able to split 2 or more mints app campaigns automatically and find our which one converts better.

BONUS 3: Mints $10k Affiliate Promo

MintsApp Bonus 3
You probably have figured out by now that one of the best ways to crush affiliate promotions, make a lot of money and win big contests is using customer-driven funnels, in this training… you’ll learn how to build powerful mints app campaigns you can tie with any affiliate or CPA offer online to get massive EPCs, great conversion rates and generally make a lot of profits… I will personally show you our $10k method.

BONUS 4: Mints App Shopified

MintsApp Bonus 4
eCommerce (Shopify) is really hot right now because it flat out works, combine that with a high converting customer-driven funnel and you’ll be dropping money-making bombs on this planet… that’s exactly the advantage we’re bringing to you with this Shopify training course that focuses on showing you how to setup passive income ecommerce business with Shopify and how you can drive up your recurring sales with Mint App campaigns, make sure you get this training today.

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