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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Split Test Monkey: Discover which ads work best #ad

Split Test Monkey lets you test, track and tweak your ad campaigns and sales processes, based on data, not guesses. Some headlines work well; others don’t. Some graphics work well; others don’t. Some benefits work well; others don’t. You’ll never know which work best for you unless you test. You need to figure out what’s working so you can invest your time and money into the things that work the best. And you need to find out what’s not working so you can either dump those things or fix them. People who are successful product vendors don’t guess about... [...]

Split Test Monkey: a simple way to sell more products #ad

Split Test Monkey (version 2) is available now. Its goal is to reduce the chace of failure in your online ads. That’s a good goal since failure is not unusual when it comes to online business. Every day, dozens or even hundreds of new people try to earn a living online. But usually, they find it’s not as easy as some promoters make it seem. So people start to drop out. Every day, many people close up shop because they can’t figure out how to make a go of it. If your success can use a boost, you can change your trajectory right now. How? By testing multiple versions of your advertising,... [...]

Split Test Monkey: New Software Coming Tomorrow #ad

On Tuesday 15 February, 2022, the WP ToolKit team will be making their new tool available. It’s called Split Test Monkey. And it’s the kind of tool online marketers like you, regardless of your type of business, need. It can answer questions such as “Does the blue headline of this ad convert better than a red headline?”, “Do I make more sales with a picture of a dog or with a picture of the dog food?”, etc. You need to know the answers to questions like these. Otherwise, your earnings, your subscriptions, your webinar attendance, and anything else you are doing... [...]

Optimize your website conversions (+bonuses) #ad

Split Test Monkey is brand new conversion optimization software (with both split URL and Dynamic Element testing) that anyone (including you) can install to test and optimize your sales pages, landing pages, blogs and other key web properties. This new software comes from Promote Labs Inc. They have built this split testing platform to be affordable, providing top of class value, powerful and feature rich yet simple to use. The goal of Split Test Monkey is to help all site owners, entrepreneurs & marketers achieve more via higher conversions. Now you don’t have to guess about what will... [...]

Split Test Monkey: Quick way to get more online sales (hands-free) #ad

As an online marketer, for the best results, you need to grow your mailing list and you need to sell something to your list. Without a list, you are just looking at one-off sales to people who happen to come across your site. To build your list (or even to sell a product as a one-off sale), your sales pages and opt-in pages need to be convincing. But how do you know what is convincing? Testing multiple versions is the only way. If you don’t test, you don’t know if your ad is doing as well as it could be. Test things like: • Would a free e-book convince more people to sign up for... [...]