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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Is Google Getting Worse? [Podcas]

Freakonomics has published a new podcast episode ‘Is Google Getting Worse?’. The Freakonomics team says, “The power of that revelation faded, as revelations do, and we all began to take Google for granted. When you needed some information, you just typed a few words into the search box and, very quickly, you got the answer you were looking for, usually from an authoritative source. But today? To me, at least, it doesn’t feel the same. My search results just don’t seem as useful. I feel like I’m seeing more ads, more links that might as well be ads, more links to spammy web... [...]

A Guide: Why Are My Reviews Missing on Google? [Guide]

Near Media has published ‘A Guide: Why Are My Reviews Missing on Google?’ explaining why some Google reviews have disappeared. Mike Blumenthal says, “At the moment there are four (maybe more) reasons your reviews have gone missing. How do you know what happened to your reviews? Were my reviews deleted by the bug? There is a simple diagnostic for determing if the CID bug bit you. That’s where Google pushed suggested edits, changed your CID and inadvertently nuked your reviews. Here’s the test: You lost all your reviews The previous Google review link that Google... [...]

Google racing to compete with Apple, plans 64-bit Android operating system

Google announced its intention to jump from 32-bit to 64-bit in its conference for developers in June. It is expected to released its first physical product based on 64-bits (a new Nexus phone) in a few weeks. There are several advantages to using a 64-bit processor in a product: • It’s faster • It includes more “registers” (an internal fast storage location where information can be kept while it is being worked on) so the information can be processed even faster • It can manage more RAM memory, allowing for bigger, more complex software Competition is alive and... [...]

Google tests banner ads on search results pages

NY Times reported that Google appears to be contemplating violating its pledge to not place banner ads on search results. “There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or Web search results pages,” a company blog post said in 2005. “There will not be crazy, flashy, graphical doodads flying and popping up all over the Google site. Ever.” Nevertheless, reports the Times, Google is running an experiment for a subset of its search users involving several advertisers, including Southwest Airlines, in which banners are being shown. According to the Times, “The one for Southwest,... [...]

Google Mastery: Your introduction to the power of Google+ #ad

This is the third in the series of Mastery e-books by Shelley Owens: * Book 1 is QR Code Mastery * Book 2 is Mobile Marketing Mastery Like the others, it is written to help even a newcomer understand an important and somewhat technical subject without requiring you to become a tech wizard. When you finish this training, you will understand the role Google Plus plays in marketing. There is a special emphasis on Google Plus Local and its importance for local merchants. This training is helpful for marketing consultants who need to explain to their clients why Google Plus is important to their business.... [...]

135 million active participants make this a super traffic source #ad

That’s what Google Plus offers. In fact, Google Plus Now has over 500 million users in total, 150 million users (approx) joined in the last 3 months. Google Plus is at the center of Google’s strategy, and savvy marketers will get familiar with it because, for example, information posted in it ranks well in Google search results. Plus Commander is a tool that helps you connect with the Google Plus members who are interested in your niche. Plus Commander does a lot of things to help you manage your Google Plus relatrionships easily: • It finds the influential people in your niche,... [...]

“EDU Powerpack”, do-follow links from powerful respected sites #ad

If you create the content of a respected EDU site, you can make that content a well-crafted advertorial for your site. That’s why Veit Schenk has released EDU Powerpack. In it, Schenk gives you the URL of a high-quality educational site with a blog you can create posts on. This is important because a quality backlink foundation (containing high trust, high PR, contextual links with a wide variety of anchor text) is your best SEO strategy. An EDU site can serve you well in this scenario. In the latest Google algorithm update, “Exact match” domain names were devalued as an SEO tool.... [...]

Improve the performance of your ads by linking your Google+ page to Adwords!

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2012 seems to be the year to push Google Plus. As with most social networks you can create a business page to help your company connect with users. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, you can promote your page and build up a list of premium members who have tremendous remarketing value. The network also gives you the opportunity to operate live video streaming and hangouts with your target audience. This can be a very useful way to interact with your target audience and deliver real time video content. For example, a company could host video chats with employees or industry experts. Once you have... [...]

‘Google Panda Coming to a Market Near You’ by Aaron Wall

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Aaron Wall says, “If you live outside the United States and were unscathed by the Panda Update, a world of hurt may await soon. Or you may be in for a pleasant surprise”. [Aaron Wall’s Blog] […]  [...]

‘Google Farmer Update Hits Content Sites Hard… including’ by Lynn Terry

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Lynn Terry says, “On Wednesday, February 23 2011, Google launched the Panda update – which is now being called “the Google Farmer update”. This was a huge algorithmic change (algorithmic improvement, according to Google) which affected almost 12% of the search results”. [Lynn Terry’s Blog] […]  [...]

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