Content marketing is an integral part of today’s marketing plans. Quality content helps you persuade more people take action. It also helps you stay in constant touch with the prospects and customers and prove your worth.

Entrepreneur contributor Akshay Sasikumar has shared four strategies to help marketers measure the ROI of the content they publish online.

Sasikumar says, “Instead of tracking hundreds of metrics, Amy rationalizes the chaos and decides the best metrics that really matter to her are:

  1. Content Engagement
  2. Website Traffic
  3. Leads Generated
  4. Sales Attribution

Content Engagement Rates

Today, content marketing is firmly rooted within the marketing mix for companies, enabling them to differentiate with their brands. For example, ADP designed a content marketing campaign that gave them $1 million in new sales opportunities. But, amazingly companies struggle to leverage it effectively for sales conversions. As a result, 60-70% of content produced goes unused by sales teams. An unsettling stat for sure!

Furthermore, getting likes and shares for it on social media for your content pieces may not define their efficacy. That’s why measuring content engagement is very important”.

Here’s How You Can Measure the ROI For Your Content


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