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Friday, June 5, 2020

Archive for the 'Webinar Software' Category

Ultimate Closing Machine: Create nearly live pre-recorded webinars #ad

As many people have probably told you, webinars are the best format to present your message persuasively. The problem for many of us, though, is that we are not comfortable speaking on live webinars. The pressure of a live webinar is too great. You have to get it right the first time. Not only that, you have to deal with issues like: * It’s expensive to buy a webinar platform or pay big monthly fees. * A steep learning curve is required to operate webinar software. * Technical issues and internet problems frequently mar a webinar. * Handling audience management, such as addressing live questions... [...]

Webinars can be easy now #ad

Industry leaders like Tony Robbins, Amy Porterfield, Lewis Howes, Mari Smith, John Lee Dumas have one thing in common. They all use the most effective selling and engagement tool on the planet: webinars. Webinars have proven their value over and over again: • They can position you as the expert in your niche and field. • They can create an automatic and profitable sales funnel that works for you while you sleep, • They can be used as a platform for selling, for mastermind meetings, for running training programs and more. • They are the source of the highest earning per individual lead. •... [...]

Webinar tool for easy set up, delivery & follow-up #ad

You probably know they power of webinars as a sales tool. When you can demonstrate your product, answer live questions and talk personally to potential buyers, you make more sales. But first, you need to be able to plan, schedule and deliver your webinar; then, follow-up with those who attend. This necessary webinar support capability is the reason behind RunClick Webinar And Video Conferencing Software. Google+ Live offers a free platform for webinars. Although it does a good job of delivery (and archiving) for your webinar, it is a “bare bones” service, lacking many of the facilities... [...]

Webinar And Video Conferencing Software Anyone Can Afford #ad

Walt Bayliss has just released new, low-priced video conferencing software today: RunClick Webinar And Video Conferencing Software. This is a self-hosted app that turns Google Hangouts into your own webinar service. It comes with complete Autoresponder Integration, Evergreen systems and more. You only pay once; then use it for life. In the last year there have been other webinar and conference systems based on Google Hangouts, but RunClick Webinar And Video Conferencing Software costs only %10 of what the most popular ones cost. Bayliss is only offering it at this low price for 5 days. Then the... [...]

Making your webinars profitable #ad

The last phase of the 4-phase live webinars success formula is building profit into the process. Just as a reminder: Phase 1 of a successful webinar is the Preparation. In this phase you make decisions about the best tools to use to present your content.. Phase 2 is Promotion. The right promotion and registration process can mean more participation in the webinar by people interested in your topic. Phase 3 is Presentation. Viewer engagement increases with activities such as polls and Q & A chats. Phase 4, again, of a successful webinar: assuring Profit from your webinar. There are three opportunities... [...]

WebinarJam software launch underway. Introductory pricing #ad

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of preparing the technical infrastructure for your webinar and how WebinarJam helps you do that. Phase 2 of running a successful live webinar – Promoting your webinar. You could send your entire list directly to your live webinar, but to maximize your success, you probably should have people register for your event before they entering their name and email address in a registration form. When you are sending your invitation only to people from your own list, this may seem to be a waste of effort. But even in this case, it accomplishes 3 things: First,... [...]

IMNow: New webinar system just for marketers #ad

Keith Lynch has spent the nearly 2 years creating a new webinar platform he calls IMNow Webinar System. It’s the latest webinar platform and one that is specifically oriented for marketing presentations. Lynch describes it as “the Technology of GoToWebinar, the community and built-in traffic of the Warrior Forum and JVZoo. And the “Hyper-Viral” power of YouTube. All in one place.” According to Lynch, “IMNow Webinar System is the first—and only—live streaming and webinar community for Internet Marketers.” Webinars have become an indispensable part of the marketer’s... [...]

Profiting from your webinar success #ad

This is the last part of the 4-phase live webinars success formula. As a reminder: Phase 1 of a successful webinar is Preparation. In this phase you choose the best medium to use to present your information and the webinar software you’ll use to present it most effectively. Phase 2 is Promotion. Remember that the right registration process can mean better participation by the people most interested in the topic. Phase 3 was the actual Presentation. The key take-away is that viewer engagement increases when they are involved through polls and Q & A chats. Phase 4 of a successful webinar –... [...]

The most critical part of webinar success #ad

Whether you’re doing a webinar to deliver complimentary training, or to make a sales presentation, or to interview n expert in your niche, you have one primary goal for the webinar: to get your attendees to pay attention and absorb your message. In other words, you want your attendees to be “engaged”. When viewers are provided compelling content delivered well, they become engaged. If you want compelling content, you need to identify the problem or pain your audience is experiencing and then offer solutions to that problem. Do that and people will stay tuned in. Your viewer wants... [...]

Can it be the best webinar software? Can it really be half-off? #ad

Evergreen Business System broadcasts your webinars, records them, plays back scheduled replays, tracks attendance and more. First created by Hector Yague, this system replaces GoToWebinar and all other similar webinar systems, and handles webinars with more sophistication than you can imagine. It’s what you always wanted in webinar management. When Yague created version 1, Mike Filsaime was one of his early customers. When Filsaime called to report a minor bug they had a long conversation about the system. Mike explained how his programmer had version 1 for his own needs and had created an... [...]