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Saturday, May 30, 2020

EZ SalaryZ: Launch a complete membership site in 60 seconds #ad

Today, at 9:00 EST, Mosh Bari is releasing EZ SalaryZ, a tool that lets you build a monetized membership site in a minute. (For the first 6 hours, there’s an early-bird price.)Why should you care? Membership sites can be “sticky”, holding on to members for months or years, as long as you continue providing useful content to your members. Why is that good for you? Because:1. Whenever someone visits your site, you can offer them niche-specific products for sale in your sidebars.2. As members of your site, they have agreed to receive email from you, and you can offer them niche-specific... [...]

TrafficXPro launches your affiliate site in seconds #ad

Mosh Bari has just released new software he calls TrafficXPro. Using it, Bari reports, you can build websites that publish useful content for your visitors and do it at no cost to you, automatically, based on a keyword you choose.TrafficXPro searches for unique content from 10 well-known viral content sites, specifically:► Facebook► YouTube► Twitter► Pinterest► Giphy► Flickr► Imgur► Vimeo► Pixabay► DailyMotionIt uses the content related to your keyword that it finds to help build your website .The advantage is you will never have writer’s block. You will never... [...]