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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Archive for the 'Marketing Psychology' Category

Increase Your Conversions Using Colour [Podcast]

Colours influence your marketing campaign results. Different colours can impact the way customers perceive your products and do so in ways that aren’t always apparent.Exposure Ninja has published  a new podcast episode ‘Increase Your Conversions Using Colour’ to help you improve your conversion rates.Tim Cameron says, “I hope you’ve been enjoying the podcasts hosted by Mark Rowland, one of our great Marketing Consultant Ninjas here at Exposure Ninja.It won’t be long before I’m back on the podcasts again as I’ve now finished working on my project... [...]

The central fact of marketing campaign success #ad

If you want to grasp what it takes to be a successful online marketer, consider this: Almost all marketing you’ve ever been attracted by is based on just 3 types of marketing campaigns.Just watch this explanation by Frank Kern: Kern’s Top Three Campaigns.In this video, Kern provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the three most powerful marketing campaigns ever invented. Every day, savvy marketers, from companies large and small, use them to persuade people like you and me to buy what they are offering.This video is something any marketer will find helpful. And there’s no cost... [...]

‘5 Signs Your Customer Is Ready for an Upsell’ – HubSpot

In the Hubspot blog, Leslie Ye writes, “The upsell might be the most underrated play in sales. A ton of lip service is paid on sales publications and in sales trainings to hunting for new customers — prospecting, connecting, and qualifying people who have never worked with your company before.But it’s hard to hunt effectively. Given your company’s lack of history with your prospects, there’s simply no guarantee that prospects will want to speak with you, much less buy your product. Even painstaking research can’t always reveal that what seems like a good fit on paper just won’t... [...]

AuthoritySpy: Who are the top influencers in your niche? How can they help you? #ad

Major personalities in your niche have a wide circle of influence. Their voice counts when people are making decisions.Finding and getting to know the influential authorities can be a boost to your business success. That’s why Mark Thompson and AuthoritySpy does all the hard work of searching the web for authoritative/influential people based on your keyword/niche. It finds links to their social media accounts and it and organizes them into a format that makes it easy for you to check out their profiles found from across the web.1. You jusr enter in a keyword or niche2. Sit back as... [...]

Scarcity sells; AffiliatePress builds it into your offers #ad

Ken Sar has just started selling AffiliatePress at a discount.This WordPress plugin lets you build a sales page that motivates a quick decision. It has a count-down timer that warns of the impending end of the special offer you are promoting.This page is intended as a pre-sell page to be used by an affiliate promoting someone else’s product. You include enough text to make the visitor interested. You include a video to show them what it can do. And your timer screams “Do it now; time is almost up.”This timer the most prominent feature feature of the page, but it works together... [...]

AffiliatePress: Your affiliate sales improve when there’s scarcity #ad

There are both advantages and disadvantages to being an affiliate marketer. On the plus side, you are outsourcing the product development and product support to the product creator; you just handle the sales. On the minus side, you are one dozens or perhaps even hundreds of affiliates.As an affiliate, your success rests on being unique. If you offer something other affiliates don’t offer, you will make more sales. There’s another aspect that will also improve your sales: scarcity of what you offer.The AffiliatePress offers you the opportunity to make a unique offer and at the same... [...]

“Mass Mind Control” can convert more visitors into buyers #ad

Lucas Adamski’s Mass Mind Control makes the bold claim that if you follow this approach you may increase your conversions by 500%. Many marketers don’t really understand how to persuade people to buy. When you do, your sales improve, and this training explains the process clearly.If you don’t understand the motivations and interests of your audience, how can you how can you hope to persuade them? After viewing the 16 videos (they come in audio versions, too) in Mass Mind Control you won’t be a copywriting naif any longer. Besides this training, you get a swipe file from... [...]