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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Archive for the 'Clickbank Marketing' Category

“5 Figure Day”: Learn how at 11 AM EDT #ad

Bryan Winters has had his ups and downs in marketing. When he discovered how to create over $10,000 in a day, it was definitely and “up” day. He has put his blueprint for this process into 5 Figure Day, and he is sharing it with us. Basically, he is showing how he built an email list of multiple thousands (he picks up 1000 or more subscribers in a day sometimes; about 125,000 total) that he can now monetize ever and over again. He did this without a launch and without JV partners. And as a result, he is earning over $100,000 a year. Winters says that with 5 Figure Day, you can also... [...]

CB Golf Swing Sensation V2 affiliate pack from Eleanor Ruse #ad

Eleanor Ruse is attacking the golf niche, one of the most profitable on the internet. As usual, Ruse has a comprehensive collection of sales aids in her package ■ Introductory PDF helping you organize your Amazon promotions ■ 15 Clickbank Product Recommendations ■ 15 High Quality Product Reviews ■ 100s of Keywords ■ 100s of Exact Match Domain names ■ 15 High Quality Website Graphics ■ 3 PLR eBooks to sell or give away ■ Lots of PLR Articles to build your credibility ■ Plus several excellent bonuses. If you have any interest in the golf niche, check out what Ruse offers... [...]

Easy ClickBank Commissions: 4 Case Studies show how #ad

Billy D knows his way around ClickBank, called the world’s largest collection of online information products. (When they say that, I suppose they aren’t considering ordinary books, where Amazon reigns.) Regardless of that, ClickBank is big; thousands and thousands of downloadable products to sell, and they cover topics from Astrology to Zoology. So regardless of your niche, your website can earn additional revenue by advertising related ClickBank products. In Easy CB Commissions, Billy shares 4 strategies he has used to sell thousands of dollars of ClickBank products online. These case... [...]

CB Dating Riches: you can help desperate people find love #ad

Eleanor Ruse has released another of her niche resource packages, this one called CB Desperate Dating Riches. As she has several times in the past, Ruse has created a complete package of promotional materials for Clickbank products in this niche. She has found 30 Clickbank products that pass her stringent filters for profitability. For them, she has built a package with: • High-quality written reviews for the top 10 products in the list of 30 she provides • 25 dating niche graphics you can use in your marketing • Keywords (100s of them) used by people in the dating niche when they... [...]

CB Social Power Profits: Sales aids for Clickbank affiliates #ad

There are big opportunities in the social media marketing niche. And Clickbank is at the heart of this niche, with many training products showing how to use social media in marketing. Eleanor Ruse has just issued her latest Clickbank affiliate research and PLR content packages, CB Social Power Profits. As always, Ruse has included a rich set of materials that will help you quickly set up a site in the niche: • An in-depth list of search keywords in the niche and a list of exact match domain names • A list of 30 hand-selected Clickbank products in this niche, chosen for best earning potential •... [...]

Embarrassing Niches are profitable niches #ad

Once again, Eleanor Ruse has released a package of marketing aids for a niche that has a lot of buyers. Embarrassing Niche Profits helps you sell problem-solving information to people who want to keep their problem secret because they find it embarrassing. She has created reviews and other marketing materials to help you sell Clickbank products related to erectile dysfunction and yeast infections. This new package includes: • 10 product recommendations for you to promote in each of the two niches. She scoured the ClickBank catalog to find these 20 products that each pay a commission of $10... [...]

CB Acne Profits: Build your niche site with these aids #ad

Eleanor Ruse has just released her latest ClickBank affiliate package, making it easy for you to set up your site in the acne niche. Her CB Acne Profits has a rich set of sales aids to help you sell acne ClickBank products on your site. This is one in a long series of ClickBank niches, Ruse has developed marketing solutions for. In this one, she has chosen 20 ClickBank products that has good sales statistics, don’t have too many competing affiliates and give you a good commission for each one sold. In this package, you get: • Reviews for the chosen 20 profitable products • A spreadsheet... [...]

Fantastic Fish Profits: Eleanor Ruse tackles the “tropical fish” niche #ad

Eleanor Ruse has earned a reputation as the creator of high-quality sales aid packages for affiliate marketers who want to sell Clickbank niche products. She chooses her niches with care, and builds a variety of marketing resources for affiliates in that niche. Many thousands of people have an aquarium (or several) in their homes or offices. They want to learn more about their fish; they want to care for their fish correctly; and many want to expand their collection with new varieties. Ruse has researched Clickbank and has found 15 downloadable products for fish owners, which she shares in Fantastic... [...]

CB Solar Power Sensation V2: easy way to enter a niche #ad

More and more people are interested in solar energy as the prices drop and it becomes competitive with other forms of electricity generation. This is a big, and growing, niche, and there’s money to be made by someone. To address the burgeoning market, Eleanor Ruse has released her latest affiliate marketing package, CB Solar Power Sensation, that eases your entry into this popular niche market. Ruse has researched information products on several sub-niches of solar energy. She provides you with a list of 20 ClickBank products in this niche that meet her criteria: • At least $10 commission •... [...]

“ClickBank Survival Treasure Trove”: Content for your “Survival” niche business #ad

Survivalists come in many types and shades, from people who constantly “live off the grid” to family campers to people who just want to “be prepared in case anything happens.” They do have a lot in common, though. They all need information that helps them meet their need to survive. Eleanor Ruse has created a package for affiliate marketers to help you sell the information survivalists need. There are many products on CLickbank for affiliates like you to sell. You “just” need to do the research to find the best products and prepare sales materials to put these... [...]