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Monday, August 3, 2020

Archive for the 'Download Content' Category

Download: Marketo’s ‘Top 10 Tips for Better Email Performance’ eBook

Marketo has released a free ebook titled “Top 10 Tips for Better Email Performance”.The Marketo team says, “Better email results can immediately improve the success of your marketing programs. Search no further – these 10 quick and simple tips for email marketing will help you get the results you’ve been looking for!You’ll discover:Which metrics to measure (beyond just click-through rates)How to improve on standard list segmentationHow to streamline your email process so you can focus on email strategy & creative conceptsThe best ways to incorporate... [...]

Download: Tableau’s ‘3 Ways to Measure Social Media Like a Genius’ Guide

Tableau has released a free guide titled “3 Ways to Measure Social Media Like a Genius”.The Tableau team says, “Tired of looking at the same old social media metrics from Facebook and Twitter? Ready to wow your customers, prospects and bosses with a brand new way of visualizing, exploring and measuring social media ROI? Check out this guide to learn three ways to measure social media like a genius.This guide includes:live interactive examples of social media data dashboardsYouTube tutorials about social media analyticsbest practices and guidelines for measuring social... [...]

Download: Tableau’s ‘5 Tips to Get More from Google Analytics’ White Paper

Tableau has released a free white paper titled “5 Tips to Get More from Google Analytics”.The Tableau team says, “Google Analytics has given you many great new features for your website visitor, source, and conversion tracking. And there’s much more you can do to take full advantage of your data from Google Analytics.Ask and answer deeper questions:How well does the respondent audience in your web visits correspond to your target audience?What traffic sources yield the most valuable customers, not just one-time conversions?How can you enable colleagues who are not web-analytics... [...]

Download: Marketo’s ‘Social Media for Lead Generation’ eBook

Marketo has released a free ebook titled “Social Media for Lead Generation”.The Marketo team says, “Using social media to brand your business isn’t a groundbreaking strategy. Been there, done that? And although social is still important for branding and buzz, it’s becoming increasingly important for lead generation.Download our eBook and find out how tapping into social media channels can transform your lead generation efforts. You will learn:How social marketing is shifting away from company-to-buyer marketingWhy social sharing is important and how to get your audience... [...]

Download: HubSpot’s ‘How to Get 1000+ Followers on Twitter’ Report

HubSpot has released a free report titled “How to Get 1000+ Followers on Twitter”.The HubSpot team says, “Unless you’re a celebrity or your brand is already a household name, it’s not the easiest to amass a huge following on Twitter.The good news? There are a few big levers you can pull to more quickly and effectively collect at least 1,000 quality followers for your personal or professional Twitter account.In this quick read, you’ll learn seven tactics to focus your time and energy on to see the greatest gains in followers, including:How to discover fantastic... [...]

Download: Return Path’s ‘Getting started with DMARC’ eBook

Return Path has released a free ebook titled “Getting started with DMARC”.The Silverpop team says, “Phishing and other email brand abuse continues to rise at a steady rate, and with the recent high-profile data breaches of Target and Neiman Marcus, consumers and brands will likely see elevated levels of malicious email in their inboxes as a result.But there is something that organizations can do as a first step to fully protecting their brands and valuable customers from email-borne threats: implement DMARC.Unfortunately implementing DMARC is easier said than done. This industry... [...]

Download: Silverpop’s ’10 Things Marketers Should Automate to Drive Revenue’ White Paper

Silverpop has released a free white paper titled “10 Things Marketers Should Automate to Drive Revenue”.The Silverpop team says, “Many marketers are struggling to provide the personal touch today’s buyers want. Given the challenge of scaling individualized communications across thousands of prospects, that’s understandable. Download our tip sheet and learn how you can use automation to better understand buyer intent and engage in your prospects’ interests, invigorating your marketing programs and driving more revenue:Build nurture campaigns that react to prospect behaviorsUse... [...]

Download: Silverpop’s ‘Top 10 Tips for 2014 from Our Top 10 Blogs of 2013’ White Paper

Silverpop has released a free white paper titled “Top 10 Tips for 2014 from Our Top 10 Blogs of 2013”.The Silverpop team says, “Learn about new tactics and find inspiration for taking your marketing programs up a notch in 2014 with these 10 tips ranging from mobile optimization and browse abandonment emails to contact scoring and marketing automation ROI“.Silverpop’s ‘Top 10 Tips for 2014 from Our Top 10 Blogs of 2013’ White Paper [...]

Download: Marketo’s ‘Definitive Guide to Lead Generation’ eBook

Marketo has released an ebook titled “Definitive Guide to Lead Generation”.The Marketo team says, “If you can generate qualified leads for sales, you make their job easier – andmore of your leads will be turned into revenue faster. Now, find out how lead generation helps your company:Define a lead and his or her buying journeyBuild a robust lead generation strategy through marketing automationUse content marketing, social media, your website, SEO, and paid programs for lead generationAnd much, much more!“.Marketo’s ‘Definitive Guide to Lead Generation’ eBook [...]

Download: HubSpot’s ‘Driving Content Marketing Success’ Report

HubSpot has released a free report titled “Driving Content Marketing Success”.The HubSpot team says, “The popularity of content marketing has grown dramatically over the last few years. More and more companies are shifting budget away from traditional paid advertising towards inbound marketing.Content is at the core of a successful inbound funnel. But what makes one company successful at content marketing, where another fails?HubSpot and Smart Insights joined forces to find out what has been going on in content marketing in Europe. We surveyed 2600+ marketers to discover... [...]