Tableau has released a free white paper titled “5 Tips to Get More from Google Analytics”.

The Tableau team says, “Google Analytics has given you many great new features for your website visitor, source, and conversion tracking. And there’s much more you can do to take full advantage of your data from Google Analytics.

Ask and answer deeper questions:

  • How well does the respondent audience in your web visits correspond to your target audience?
  • What traffic sources yield the most valuable customers, not just one-time conversions?
  • How can you enable colleagues who are not web-analytics gurus to more fully use and benefit from your website data?
  • What new insights to gain and retain customers can you learn by blending your Google Analytics data with data or other sources?
  • And how can you do all this quickly, without a lot of manual work?

Read this whitepaper for 5 tips to get more from Google Analytics”.

Tableau’s ‘5 Tips to Get More from Google Analytics’ White Paper

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