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Saturday, December 3, 2022

HubSpot Shares Five Ways to Figure Out What to Sell on Amazon

Amazon offers a huge sales potential to businesses with its 300 million active customers. By findings out what people want to buy on Amazon, you can grow your business exponentially. HubSpot contributor Caroline Forsey has shared five ways to figure out what to sell on Amazon. She says, “Amazon itself curates a list of current best-sellers, ranging from toys to books to video games —and the list is updated hourly. Here are some of the top product categories: 1. Home & Kitchen Given the wide range of products that fall within Home & Kitchen — appliances, furniture,... [...]

Why Selling on Amazon Is Not a Sales Strategy [Video]

When it comes to selling online, Amazon has been leading as a key driving force. Millions of sellers are using this e-commerce platform for their business. Entrepreneur contributor James McKinney has published a new video ‘Why Selling on Amazon Is Not a Sales Strategy’ featuring Ju Rhyu. McKinney says, “Ju Rhyu, co-founder of Hero Cosmetics, was a guest at the most recent Startup Story Live, an extension of the hit podcast The Startup Story that gives everyone in attendance direct access to founders. The two-day live stream event, which streamed to 77 different... [...]

‘Thank You’ by Ray Edward

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Ray says, “My book, “Writing Riches”, is now officially an Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller”. [Ray Edwards’ Blog] […]  [...]

‘Why You Should Build an Amazon Associate Store’ – ‘WordPress Howto Spotter’

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‘WordPress Howto Spotter’ latest blog post is titled “Why You Should Build an Amazon Associate Store”. [WordPress Howto Spotter Blog] […]  [...]