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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Ant Cinderella Bonus For IM NewsWatch Readers

IM NewsWatch Bonus For Ant Cinderella

Ant Cinderella is a cloud-based dashboard for PBNs, self-hosted WordPress and blogs. It enables users to optimize internal site structure and maximize the power of their backlinks with just a few clicks.

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With Cinderella, you’ll be able to:

* Build as many internal links as you want to any post or page on your site. This will help you achieve Page 1 rankings without having to spend a fortune on external backlinks. Most importantly, it will save you from Deadly Sin #2 (orphan sites/ orphan PBNs).

* Embed highly relevant videos with just a few clicks and without having to mess around with embed codes. This will increase the engagement-factor, reduce the bounce-rate of your site, and save you from Deadly Sin #3 (bouncy sites/PBNs).

* Boost rankings by intelligently leveraging “Freshness Factor”.

* Optimize all your sites and PBNs from one Central Dashboard.

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Your Bonus

If you purchase Ant Cinderella through this IM NewsWatch link you will receive the following bonus.

Ant Rescuer

Bonus Ant Rescuer

Value $99

Ant Rescuer retrieves ultra-targeted Phrase Match & Broad match keywords to use for creating coherent and relevant Authority Sites for Niche Domination. This one-of-a-kind functionality is NOT available anywhere else.

Ant Rescuer…

  • Retrieves hundreds (sometimes thousands) of long-tail keywords for lucrative niches
  • Can use proxies to retrieve keywords
  • Categorises keywords into five distinct group
  • Exports selected keywords in five different formats

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