In search engine optimization (SEO), a quality link is a link from another website that search engines consider relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative.

Koozai contributor has published an article explaining the impact of link quality on SEO rankings.

The Koozai team says, “Link quality is often more important than sheer quantity. In a nutshell, ‘quality links’ are links from websites that Google and other search engines already perceive as being high quality. Quality links originate from reputable and contextually relevant sources. For instance, a backlink from a website like the BBC or a renowned industry website carries more weight for your SEO than several links from obscure directories.

What is ‘link relevancy’ and why is it important for SEO?

When we spoke to other experts to create our link building trends infographic, we saw relevancy and quality were very important. The ‘relevancy’ of the third party websites that link to your website is crucial for your SEO.”

What’s The Impact of Link Quality on SEO Rankings?


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