Artificial Intelligence tools have proven incredibly helpful in improving the marketing process. Content marketing has several opportunities if AI is employed well.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Jodi Harris has published an article featuring four do’s and don’ts of using AI for content marketing.

She says, ”

What’s the best way to put AI’s content capabilities in play? We asked some experts presenting at Content Marketing World for their top AI tips and recommendations. Here’s what they say you should – and shouldn’t – do:

Do: Use AI for writing and editing assistance

Generative AI tools can help you overcome lank-page syndrome” by acting as your research and brainstorming buddy. They can also help you stay on-brand, providing editing tips for tone and style. Some generative AI tools also provide an SEO assist during the writing process or use your proprietary content to create derivate pieces. – Wendy Covey, co-founder and CEO, TREW Marketing

Don’t: Replace skilled (human) team members

Generative AI should make doing your work easier, not replace the work done by professional creatives. It’s useful for filling in bandwidth or resource gaps – like creating an image quickly instead of looking through stock images for hours.”

How To Put AI To Work for Better Content Marketing

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