HubSpot contributor has published an article featuring new marketing jobs that could focus on AI.

Erica Santiago says, “The following are marketing jobs and opportunities that are on the rise due to advancements in AI and marketing automation.

AI Trainers

AI must be trained to learn, improve, and be a great asset to any marketing strategy. However, if the technology is new to a company or brand, there may not be any employees on the team who know how to train AI.

As a result, many marketing and business leaders are hiring people to train the technology. For example, the job listing below is from Scale AI and is for a position called AI Training for Marketing Experts.

Job posting for AI Training for Markteing Experts; AI jobs in marketingImage source

The company seeks writers who will be tasked with projects involving generative AI models.

Their responsibilities will include testing the technology, analyzing the technologies responses to prompts, and ensuring the content generated is accurate.”

New Marketing Jobs That Could Focus on AI


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