Customer Journey Analytics is an Analytics capability that lets you use the power of Analysis Workspace with data from Adobe Experience Platform.

HubSpot contributor Olivia Deng has published a detailed article on Customer Journey Analytics.

She says, “Customer journey analytics often begins with a customer journey map, which is a visual representation of every step the customer goes through with your business. Then, it applies data on how your customer behaves throughout different phases of that map,  to help you assess the effect your customers’ journey has on your business, or what’s holding customer’s back from completing that journey and purchasing a product

Customer Journey Analytics Steps

1. Outline a customer journey map.

The first step to customer journey analytics is creating a customer journey map. A typical customer journey map includes the following: the buying process, user actions, emotions, pain points, and solutions. The customer journey map is the foundation for further analysis.”

What is Customer Journey Analytics


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