It is important to stay focused on sending out regular emails to your audience. Well-crafted emails can help you achieve your marketing goals.

HubSpot contributor Tristen Taylor has published an article featuring 22 email marketing mistakes that people make.

She says, “Writing good sales emails is an art and a science, and good salespeople know how to write professional and personalized messages to prospects. No matter the tone or writing style you choose, your communication should be free of common sales email mistakes.

Email Mistakes at Work

1. Sending too many emails.

Brand-new reps often assume sales is a numbers game. To meet their quota, some will make the mistake of emailing as many prospects per day as possible.

But as seasoned salespeople know, the spray-and-pray approach doesn’t work. It prioritizes quantity over quality, so reps aren’t dedicating time to research buyers and personalize outreach. As a result, many won’t be a good fit.”

22 Sales Email Mistakes New Reps Make In Their First 100 Days


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