Google continues to update its search algorithm for offering a productive search experience to its users. The algorithm updates require webmasters to constantly update their SEO strategy.

MOZ contributor Dr. Peter J. Meyers has published an article on nine years of the Google Algorithm.

He says, “While 2022 was certainly hotter than 2014, the pattern of rising temperatures over time is much more complicated than that. In some cases, we can’t map temperatures directly to algorithm updates, and in others, there are known causes outside of Google’s control.

Take, for example, the WHO declaration of the global COVID-19 pandemic on March 11, 2020 (#8 in the labeled events). COVID-19 changed consumer behavior dramatically in the following months, including huge shifts in e-commerce as brick-and-mortar businesses shut down. While it’s likely that Google launched algorithm updates to respond to these changes, COVID-19 itself reshaped global behavior and search rankings along with it.”

9 Years of the Google Algorithm


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