Localism is about building communities that are healthier and more sustainable – backed by local economies that are stronger and more resilient.

MOZ contributor Miriam Ellis has published an article explaining localism and how it relates to local SEO.

She says, “The most immediate and obvious benefit of economic localism is that the money you spend keeps circulating amongst your neighbors. As illustrated above, you buy a bike and put money into the pocket of the local bike shop owner. On their lunch break, the bike shop owner cycles down the road for lunch and hands your money over to the local restaurateur. After work, the restaurateur takes your money to the local hardware store to pick up some locally-grown veggie starts for their home garden. The next morning, the hardware store owner is using your money to pay part of their electricity bill to the community-owned utility. A few weeks later, an engineer at the utility company is using your money to donate to a new bike path being made in your community so that there are safer places for cyclists like you to ride.”

What Is Localism and How Does it Relate to Local SEO?


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