Google Discover is a highly personalized content feed that proactively serves interest-based relevant content to users without searching anything on Google.

LoudGrowth has published an article offering tips to optimizing and tracking your Google Discover performance.

The LoudGrowth team says, “The approach of “Google Discover” is easy to understand. Since they already have your information, they know about you.

According to Google, Discover works this way:

  • Google tracks and saves your web and app activities.
  • Google Discover retrieves your data from Google properties.
  • Analyzes your web activities and experiences.
  • And presents you with personalized and relevant information using an automated system. When new content is published, the feed is refreshed automatically. The information displayed to you comes across the web in different types and formats, both new and evergreen – Videos, articles, and web stories.”

How to Optimize & Track Your Google Discover Performance


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