It’s a fact: there are more people on Facebook that want and need your product than anywhere else. Facebook e-Commerce Mastery shows how to target them.

You just need to find the people who want and need your product and invite them to your store. Unfortunately, on Facebook, without a roadmap, that could be like seeking a needle in a haystack.

Facebook e-Commerce Mastery shows you how to build a successful e-commerce business on Facebook.

You see, Facebook has built new tools to help make online shopping seamless, Facebook Shops.

Setting up a Facebook Shop lets you sell directly from your Facebook shop page by accepting payment through your eCommerce website.

And if you have a good number of Facebook followers, then your Facebook shop can turn your followers into customers.

The new Facebook e-Commerce Mastery will get you started the right way.

Here’s what’s included in the training:
➤ Introduction
➤ What is Facebook Marketplace and how does it work?
➤ How to generate leads for your marketplace
➤ How to Create a Facebook Shop/Store?
➤ Benefits to Buying and Selling on Facebook Marketplace
➤ How to set up a Facebook store with eCommerce website builders?
➤ Facebook Marketplace Shopping Secrets
➤ Expert Tips for making money as a seller on Facebook Marketplace
➤ Easy Hacks to generate more sales using Facebook marketplace!
➤ How to Advertise in Facebook Marketplace
➤ Facebook Marketplace: The Do’s and Don’ts
➤ Conclusion

You can see all the details & get instant access by clicking here: Facebook e-Commerce Mastery.

You can use this guide to set up one or more Facebook stores for yourself. In addition, this course includes Private Label Rights that give you the right to sell this course to others, as an additional income stream.

And these rights come with everything you need to set yourself up as a seller of this training:

Module 1: Professionally written Training guide
Module 2: Professional Graphics
Module 3: Animated banners
Module 4: High Converting Sales Copy
Module 5: Mini-sites
Module 6: Customer Sales video
Module 7: Legal Pages
Module 8: Social Media Graphics
Module 9: PDF graphics
Module 10: Conversion-boosting Email Swipes

+ 3 Fast Action bonuses you cannot miss!
BONUS #1: Cheat-Sheet
BONUS #2: Mind-Map
BONUS #3: Top Resources Report

Everything is ready to go and you can build your Facebook store right away.

However, we should warn you to not delay since the price goes up every few sales.

The usual investment for this ghostwritten product is $47. However, you can grab your copy at a significant discount For a limited time: Facebook e-Commerce Mastery.

At this writing, the price of this product is currently less than a Mcdonalds meal, but it is rising.

Bonuses for Facebook e-Commerce Mastery

In addition, we have arranged a collection of 9 bonuses that will enhance your success with this new training. Check them out here: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for Facebook e-Commerce Mastery.

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Facebook e-Commerce Mastery

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