Demand generation process helps you to bring in elements of education and brand storytelling. It helps you to inform more and more people about your products and services.

Sprout Social contributor Sarah Aboulhosn has shared a comprehensive article on building and measure successful demand generation campaigns.

Aboulhosn says, “We see the terms demand generation, lead generation and inbound marketing used interchangeably, but these strategies actually have very different focuses.

Demand generation vs. lead generation vs. inbound marketing

Demand generation differs from lead generation in a few ways. Lead generation applies when your audience recognizes that they have a problem and are actively seeking out different services or products that could provide the solution. When they find your brand, they’re already aware of the problem you’re trying to solve and ready to assess if you’re the right solution. The main goal of a lead generation campaign is to obtain a prospect’s information. You’ll use that information to nurture the relationship through the rest of the marketing funnel, ultimately selling them your product or service”.

How to build and measure successful demand generation campaigns

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