Bossfunnels, which was just launched, is a smart drag-and-drop funnel builder with all the features that Clickfunnels, Leadpages and others have. But, it also offers something extra: it creates viral funnels, so you can build bigger lists and get more traffic.

To be clear, a marketing funnel is a series of product offers made to visitors to a sales page. Usually, a funnel starts with a free or low-cost product and ends with a high-value product. Once a visitor accepts the first product, they are offered the second in the seriees. Once they accept that, they are offered a third, an so on. There are variations in funnel design( for example, including what are called “downsells” in the funnel), but that is the general overall flow.

Many people who have tried to start earning money online have invested in many training packages and in varous software packages in hope of finally finding the one that will propel them to success.

There is no one, no single product or service that will solve your business problem without your putting thoughtful work into your business. Unfortunately, that’s a lesson too late learned by most of us.

That doesn’t indict all trainers or all software developers. It’s just to say that however good the product may be, it won’t help you unless you make the effort to put it to work.

That is true for this new tool offered by Billy Darr, David Kirby and Al Cheeseman. Its goal is to bring you free traffic, to build your mailing list and to build your profitable business. But that’s a pipe dream unless you put it to work.

They designed Bossfunnels so that even complete beginners can start to use it immediately.

It creates custom viral funnels which pull in traffic using viral elements. All elements of this software, including its user dashboard, are designed for the best useability.

Included with the system is training on how to use it to build your successful business.

Bossfunnels is available for a one-time investment during launch week.

And there is no ongoing hosting expense, either, because they host it for you with no monthly fees.

Taken all together, their system seems designed with the beginner in mind: no tech skills since most beginners have none and no ongoing costs since beginners need to get their business running before they could handle ongoing costs.

This can possibly be the way for you to build professionalism into your business, by using this professional business-building software. Check it out here: Bossfunnels.

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