As we mentioned yesterday, Google has changed its ranking algorithm. Clearly, when the algorithm changes, we need to adjust our SEO strategy. Our search engine marketing efforts need to be in sync with the changing search algorithms.

Econsultancy contributor Malte Landwehr has shared an article fact-checking five rumors on ‘how search is changing’.

Landwehr says, “The search community is constantly awash with rumours about how search is changing.

It’s sometimes difficult to know what to believe, so in this post I review five popular rumours that are currently doing the rounds. How valid are they? And what is the real impact they are likely to have?

Rumour 1: Mobile is changing everything in SEO

We now live in a mobile-first world. And one of the key learnings for SEO is how people search for different things on mobile versus desktop, as this graphic shows.

Questions from a representative sample of keywords showing % of searches made on desktop, rather than mobile devices

The typical questions people search for on desktops are clearly more involved, complex and time-consuming”.

Fact-checking five rumours about the way search is changing


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