Data collection and measurement can help you to improve your content marketing performance. With correct analysis of the data you can improve your content marketing performance.

Databox contributor Elise Dopson has shared an article highlighting 13 lead generation metrics you should measure to improve your content marketing ROI.

Dopson says, “We’ve already discovered that marketers find it difficult to track the ROI of their content strategy.

While increases in organic traffic are great, the way you truly connect the dots for reporting on the ROI of your content marketing efforts is by measuring its influence on lead generation and sales?

So where do you start?

So, we asked 40 experts to share the lead generation metrics they’re using to determine how well their content marketing is performing. Here’s what they said:

  1. On-page engagement
  2. Page exit rate
  3. Time on page
  4. Email opt-ins
  5. Blog conversion rate“.

Content Marketing ROI: 13 Lead Generation Metrics to Measure & Report Every Month


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