Influencer marketing has brought a new channel for businesses to promote their products and services keeping their budget under control. But it has become a challenge to find out the right influencers online.

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Lee Scarratt has shared five ways to help you spot fake influencers.

Scarratt says, “The simplest way to spot a fake influencer is to go into their follower list and glance at the accounts. Look out for profiles without an image as their display photo, few to no followers and/or following, no posts and also private accounts. Another marker is if followers have clearly made up names, particularly if their handles contain lots of numbers. If there are a lot of these accounts then it is quite likely these are bots that have been bought. The same can be done for likes and comments too. 

Follower to engagement ratio

Do they have 10,000 followers but are only getting a few likes on their photos? Then it’s likely that they have bought followers to make them appear more popular. This is surprisingly inexpensive: Buzzoid, an “influence” booster business, offers 5,000 “quality” followers for $39.99. Perhaps they have 10,000 followers and 1,000 likes, but only a few comments? This is also an indicator that they have bought both their followers and likes”.

How to Spot a Fake Influencer


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