Your LinkedIn presence allows you to promote your products and services to the specific groups of people among its 500 million user base.

You can also share your expertise in the form of LinkedIn content publishing and create more incoming links. Search Engine Journal contributor Jeremy Knauff has shared three steps to use LinkedIn for link building.

Knauff says, “In this article, I’m going to outline a strategy for using LinkedIn to:

  • Identify potential link partners.
  • Engage with them prior to outreach.
  • Finally, ask for the link in a way that dramatically increases your chances of success.

Identify Ideal Link Partners

Have you ever watched a war movie?

You might see troops hauling weapons and equipment around, soldiers loading magazines, and even stealthy spec ops teams quietly infiltrating the enemy position.

And you’ll most certainly see enough savage firefights, rapidly maneuvering vehicles, and explosions to make even Michael Bay drool uncontrollably”.

3 Steps to Leverage LinkedIn for Link Building

Search Engine Journal

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