In the few days since AdvertSuite was released last week, over 3,000 businesses have invested in this software. It brings clarity to your Facebook ad marketing, showing you what ads are likely to be successful, so you achieve a higher ROI.

It is flexible, benefiting nearly any business that wants to take advantage of Facebook’s large international audience.

There is a helpful introductory video here: AdvertSuite Introduction.

This software tool gives you instant access to search and view all Facebook ads currently running (and a huge database of past ads, too)

You can search and filter to see the exact target audiences of the existing and former ads, the ad copy used and even the landing page they send traffic to.

This allows you to easily find the profitable ads and to quickly adapt what works. This way, you don’t have to waste any time and money on what doesn’t work.

Being able to completely skip the testing phase, eliminate all risk and instantly know what is profitable, is a big advance on blind “if at first you don’t success, try, try again” marketing.

Whatever your type of business, you can put AdvertSuite to work. For example:


Discover if people are running paid ads for any product you want to sell. Use the results to only add top selling, profitable products to your stores. Learn from your competitors’ winning ads and use this knowledge to your advantage.

Affiliate marketing

Think of how valuable it would be to know whether an affiliate product will sell before you invest any time, effort or money into promoting it.

AdvertSuite tells you how many people (and who) are running paid ads for it. If nobody is, proceed cautiously. If several are, it must be a money-maker.

Local Marketing

If you consult with local businesses, find ads that are not doing well. These are prospects, who are already proven to be spending money on ads, that you can offer your services to.

When you are hired, you can check their competition (after all, someone is making money in this town) for insights into how to improve your client’s results.

List Building

Browse through the lead generation ads on Facebook, see the landing pages and use the good ideas for the easiest way to quickly build a profitable list in any niche.

That’s just a sample of the ways you can use AdvertSuite to increase your results. It is flexible and extremely powerful. Only your imagination will limit on how much you can improve with this information at your fingertips.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, we have arranged a suite of 7 excellent bonuses for our readers: Big Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers.

And we announced these additional bonuses:

WP E-Newsletter

This E-Newsletter WP plugin adds a professional management system for your email newsletter (including subscriber management) to your WordPress website.


The Easygram WordPress Plugin allows you to create posts or galleries on your WordPress Site that include your Instagram photos.

WP Invite

The WP Invite Plugin allows your users to send out invitations to their friends to view or join your WordPress site for a viral effect.

WP Popup Pro

The Popup pro plugin allows you to add highly flexible and customizable popups to your site for advertising or special promotions.

WP Private Messaging

The Private Messaging WordPress plugin allows your users to chat and share files safely on your website through direct messages.

WP Simple Ads

The Simple Ads WordPress Plugin allows you to insert ads on posts and pages across a multi-site network.

Automatic Messgae

This Automessage WordPress Plugin allows you to send custom automated welcome emails for several days after a user joins your site or network.

WP Social Commerce

The Social Commerce WordPress Plugin converts your WordPress Site into a Facebook-friendly destination, especially for your social eCommerce customers.

And today, we are announcing five more bonuses:

Five new Bonuses

WP Affiliates

This plugin allows you to set up an affiliate marketing program for your users tracking their referrals, clicks and sales.

Private Messaging

This WordPress plugin allows your users to chat and share files safely on your website through direct messages.

Social Marketing Share

This plugin allows you to offer incentives for users sharing your products or services on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Subscribe by Email

This plugin allows your visitors to be automatically notified about your latest content in email digests.

Ultimate Facebook Integration

This plugin fully integrates your WordPress blog with Facebook, allowing you to auto-post to your Facebook page or wall.

If you want the advantages that over 3000 of your fellow marketers have found, check out this new software here: AdvertSuite.

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